Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more evidence of the awesomeness that is "logistics"

My friend, Kara, was starting the decent of her caffeine high and wrote the following in response to the assignment of thanking corporate givers. enjoy :)

These businesses and people rock. They should get a piece of recycled paper that says THANKS A BUNCH FOLKS! Or maybe YOU RULE! Or quite possibly a little ditty (about Jack and Diane...no, sorry i get side tracked sometimes) or poem that goes something like this: ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, YOU HELPED US, WE LOVE YOU...maybe not use love, like would be slightly more appropriate. If we told them we loved them they might get emotionally attached and then follow us around like lost puppy dogs and sit by the phone waiting for us to call. Basically putting their lives on hold, which could lead to lost jobs, living in their parents basement and eating cold french cut green beans right out of the can. Gross. And if they lost their jobs we wouldn't have people to bug for free stuff. Bogus.



The Copy Center

The guy that saved Jeremy K's ass

Tim Raymer-MDC

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