Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, I guess I'm kind of a big deal... who knew?

As you may recall, I got paid a whopping $200 to blog several times a month for 4 months last year, and people came out of the woodwork responding to my posts. Apparently, kids were choosing to study in Barcelona simply because I made it sound so cool. Go me! A year later, IES is still psyched about my work; I just got this email from them (sans details not needing to be published here):

Hello Brynn,

I wanted to contact you about a new feature on the IES Abroad blog site. The new spotlight feature is titled “A Year Later” details what our former bloggers are up to and how studying abroad has affected their lives one year or more after completing their semester abroad. Based on the high quality of your past contributions to the site, I would like to ask you to share an update.

If you would be willing please share a few (3-4) paragraphs about how your life, attitude, world view, career goals, or future plans have changed because of your experiences abroad. You do not need to worry about logging back into the blog site, you can simple respond to this email with your update and I will be post it on your behalf. Once provided, your update will be featured prominently on the blogs homepage as well as the locations list in the right hand menu.

Thank you for your participation,

IES Abroad

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