Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no flying without molestation

in case you haven't heard, TSA's new policies with regard to airport screening has gotten a bit out of hand. one security officer (whose job it was to repeatedly grope randomly selected folks who didn't want to go through the backscatter x-ray machines that show off your naked body) actually said that when you buy a plane ticket, you are giving up a lot of your civil liberties. to find out more about the experience of one guy who preferred the metal detector, but was refused access, read here.

here's my idea for how to let the big wigs know that we aren't down for this bullshit. in the spirit of improv everywhere's annual no-pants subway ride, we should just keep on strippin' when they say we have to take off our coats, shoes and belts.

step 1: do the usual selection of line and tray(s) for your stuff.
step 2: when you have to lose the belt and coat and shoes, keep taking your stuff off, with a straight face and casual demeanor.
step 3: when you're down to your skivvies (or less, if you're so inclined), stroll up to the metal detector, instead of the friggin giant x-ray box machine. if you are stopped, or redirected to the x-ray machine, continue to step 4.
step 4: try again to go through the metal detector, explaining that you wish not to expose yourself to the radiation. if necessary, explain also that they don't need to send you through the x-ray, because you have assisted them by showing them what they would see anyway. try to keep this conversation public, rather than letting them drag you off to the private booths where they practically get away with murder (legalized sexual assault). this is about raising awareness and concern, so it's important that the other (ahem, clothed) passengers see/hear what's going on.

maybe if this catches on, and a certain day/week/month is proposed so that lots of people can do this en masse, we can get someone's attention and let them know that buying a plane ticket should NOT equate to giving up your civil liberties.

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